Engraved Slate House Signs

What You Need To Know Before Getting Engraved Slate House Signs

Homeowners nowadays want to stand out as much as possible through unique and stylish decors and home materials such as having engraved slate house signs. They are conscious of how they present their homes. Of course, function remains to be a top priority when sourcing for ways to make homes aesthetically pleasing. One trend to cover both aspects is installing engraved slate house signs.

Engraved house signs are not only chic, but it also helps your home be properly identified. It allows for easy location of your property in the neighbourhood. There are several places where you can get slate house signs. But before you do, you should know the things to take into account when getting one. Here are some of them:


First thing you need to think of is where to place your house sign. Where you are going to fix the sign can also help you determine both the size of the sign and potentially the colour as you want it to stand out on whatever it is you are going to fit the house sign to.

The majority of people will want to fix a house sign to the wall of their home near to the front door. You may have a gatepost at the end of a driveway or a free wall on your property that may be a better spot. Remember, visibility of the sign is the key to finding the right location.

Durability & Maintenance

This is an important point when considering which type of house sign to choose. If you are not ready to look after your house sign, then you should consider getting one made from slate. This material is known for its durability and aesthetic.

It is important that the material you pick for your house sign is not only pleasing to look at but also long lasting. Most house signs will require simple and regular polishing to keep it at its best. Aside from slate, alternatives like deep engraved stainless steel or aluminium are said to be maintenance-free. Remember, you want your house sign to be durable and low-maintenance for easy up keeping.


A house sign needs to reflect the style of the property. It would not be appropriate to use a rustic timber house sign on a Georgian townhouse, any more than it would be using cast brass house sign on a country cottage. Choosing a house sign is a personal matter. Your house sign should reflect your taste and preferences. But, you must also consider your city, town, village or countryside before settling on a design.

Professional Help

Not everyone is an expert in print and design—and that’s okay! It’s more cost-effective to enlist the help of professionals who can help you develop your concept and translate it into beautiful designs. You don't have to sweat a thing when you get the help of a good design and signage company.  Not only can they help you get better prices for engraved slate house signs, but they’ll also save you the trouble of handling logistics by taking care of everything from delivery to installation. With professional help, you won’t have to worry about anything else other than the overall design of your house sign.


It is not enough to have a house sign that stands out. Every design element used in your signage must serve a purpose. The best place to start is by choosing the right colours.

Science has already proven that some colours are more compelling than others. Bright hues of orange, reds, and yellows are a few of the most eye-catching options you can opt for. When selecting colours for your signage, you must make sure to choose hues that complement your personality. The colours must also be tasteful enough to remain modern and relatable for years to come.


You must not forget about the maximum size of your house sign. Measure the space carefully and begin to form an idea of the shape you want. You can select from rectangular, oval or bridge. It is always a good idea to have your measurements written down in both centimetres and inches. Some house sign manufacturers are traditional and still work in inches.

Engraved slate house signs are aesthetically pleasing. They are also timeless fixtures to have in your home. Thus, it is essential to ensure that the one you’re getting is designed based on proper specifications and requirements. From the materials, colours to size, you must ensure that every element is appropriately used. Getting a house sign might seem like a daunting task. But through these tips mentioned above, you can now pick the perfect design and create the perfect house sign for your home.

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